Society of Florida Archivists Journal

The Society of Florida Archivists Journal (SFAJ) is a peer-reviewed, open access, fully online publication governed and managed completely by members of the Society of Florida Archivists. The Journal focuses on the work of archival professionals working in a variety of settings including archives, libraries, museums, special collections, historical societies, government agencies, and corporate environments.

The Journal aims to address topics relevant to the profession by exploring modern developments, challenges, and opportunities related to archives, records management, and the curatorial sciences more broadly. Therefore submissions touching on topics like archival education and career paths, electronic and digital records, metadata and documentation standards, special formats and preservation strategies, community outreach or classroom instruction, and professional ethics would all be welcome.

It is the hope of the Editorial Board that this publication will foster exciting conversations about progressive archival approaches and best practices in the state of Florida and beyond.

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Rachel Walton, Managing Editor

rwalton (at) rollins (dot) edu

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