Florida State Open Publishing 2023 Call for Proposals


Florida State Open Publishing (FSOP), a service of Florida State University (FSU) Libraries, invites proposals for openly accessible scholarly and creative works. Our mission is to provide the FSU community with professional publishing services that ensure unfettered digital access, promote broad dissemination and impact, encourage innovation and experimentation, and amplify the voices of scholars working on niche or underserved topics. We are especially interested in working with authors and editors who share these values and are excited by the prospect of making the scholarly publishing ecosystem more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable. Proposals should have at least one contributor affiliated with FSU.

We will provide the following publishing services to accepted proposals:

Proposals are due by Friday, November 3rd, and should be submitted via the proposal form on the FSOP website: http://publishing.lib.fsu.edu/publish-with-us/. Examples of eligible scholarly and creative works include scholarly monographs, edited volumes, journals, textbooks, and digital exhibits.

Proposals will be reviewed both by FSOP staff and by members of the FSOP Advisory Board. Reviewers will score each proposal using a rubric that includes the following criteria:

Following the review process, a maximum of three proposals will be selected for publication. FSOP staff will contact proposal authors on November 20th to inform them of the score their proposal received and whether it was selected. Proposals that are not selected may still be eligible for some publishing services depending on the nature and complexity of the project.

All FSOP authors retain the intellectual property rights in their own work. Publications are released under a Creative Commons license in consultation with the author(s). For more information about FSOP and to view our catalog of past and current projects, visit: http://publishing.lib.fsu.edu/.


Submit Your Proposal

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