Principles & Policies

Our Mission

Florida State Open Publishing provides publishing services for journals, monographs, textbooks, and other scholarly and creative works. We consult on a variety of scholarly publishing topics and digital research tools and methodologies. We aim to provide open access publishing expertise, services, and platforms to enhance the scholarly output of Florida State University students, faculty, and staff.

At Florida State Open Publishing, we…

  • Believe that the Libraries are critical resources for publishing expertise on campus.
  • Believe that the unfettered flow of ideas, scholarship, and knowledge is necessary to support learning, research, and creativity.
  • Support FSU faculty, students, and staff by making their work available to audiences around the world via open access publishing.
  • Believe that the scholarly ecosystem works best when creators retain their copyrights.
  • Believe in experimentation and innovation in academic publishing.
  • Work to decrease the cost of higher education and improve learning outcomes for students by publishing open textbooks and other open educational resources.
  • Believe in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and promote these values through our publications.
  • Believe in promoting the work of marginalized scholars and underrepresented voices.
  • Believe in crediting labor.
  • Commit to making our publications accessible to all who need to use them.
  • Seek to create partnerships on campus and with the broader Tallahassee community.

Diversity Policy

We are committed to an environment that welcomes, values, respects and supports the differences and contributions of all members and partners at Florida State and in the global community. We actively cultivate partnerships, author relationships, and a portfolio of scholarly works that reflect the diversity of scholarly communities at FSU and around the world. We are dedicated to facilitating an inclusive scholarly dialogue grounded in respect and appreciation for all individuals and seeks to increase the voices of less represented scholars in the scholarly community. As an open access publisher, we seek to ensure that all communities have the broadest access to knowledge and research scholarship produced by FSU authors through accessible digital platforms and discoverable works.

Accessibility Policy

We strive to meet accessibility best practices for web publication. We provide accessibility best practices information to authors and editors, and complete a technical check for long-form publications that includes a review of accessibility issues before a title is published in its final form and listed in our publications catalog. We welcome notification from users if one or more of our titles does not meet an accessibility standard. In cases where accessibility challenges stem from the underlying platforms we use, we will work with the open source development community to report problems and identify solutions.

Open Access Policy

We publish exclusively open access content, and do not restrict access to publications behind a paywall. Our publications are released under a Creative Commons (CC) license chosen by the author(s) or editor(s) of the given work. Specific details on copyright ownership in works and licensing of works can be found on individual publication sites.

Preservation Policy

We strive to preserve the intellectual content of our projects in perpetuity, according to current digital preservation best practices. For projects with highly customized interactive presentations, the preservation strategy may include a combination of approaches, including the preservation of a simplified version of the publication alongside the underlying, raw machine-readable code for the complete project.

Peer Review

All journals published by the Florida State Open Publishing are peer reviewed. Student journals and projects are sponsored by a faculty advisor. We welcome projects from authors who wish to explore post-publication review.