First Semester in Numerical Analysis with Julia

This Open Textbook by Giray Ökten presents the theory and methods, together with the implementation of the algorithms using the Julia programming language (version 1.1.0). The book covers computer arithmetic, root-finding, numerical quadrature and differentiation, and approximation theory. The reader is expected to have studied calculus and linear algebra. Some familiarity with a programming language is beneficial, but not required. The programming language Julia will be introduced in the book. The simplicity of Julia allows bypassing the pseudocode and writing a computer code directly after the description of a method while minimizing the distraction the presentation of a computer code might cause to the flow of the main narrative.

The work is availabe from FSU’s Institutional Repository DigiNole. Reviews of the work are available on the books’ Open Textbook Network page.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solutions of equations: Root-finding
  3. Interpolation
  4. Numerical Quadrature and Differentiation
  5. Approximation Theory

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