New Open Textbook for Plant Biology Available Now


Florida State Open Publishing announces the release of a new open textbook by Florida A & M University faculty Dr. Gokhan Hacisalihoglu.

From Growing to Biology: Plants 1e brings the latest information for understanding of traditional and modern plant growing, form, and production. Topics covered in 30 chapters include concise and up-to-date ‘big picture’ infographics, student learning outcomes (SLOs), key vocabulary, assessment, as well as identification of 120 species, and more. Moreover, author Dr. G. Hacisalihoglu emphasizes on leaning concepts, binding those concepts together with visuals approach to make learning faster and more memorable.

The book is available for online reading and download at

Topics Covered

  • Plant cells and tissues
  • Genetics
  • Plant nutrition
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Learning resources
  • And more!

About the Author

Dr. Gokhan Hacisalihoglu is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Florida A&M University. He earned his Ph.D. in plant biology from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He has several years of experience teaching a variety of university courses from first year General Biology to Plant Anatomy & Development, and Scientist Life Skills. He won many teaching and research awards including FAMU Teaching Innovation Award, FAMU Advanced Teacher of the Year Award, FAMU Teacher of the Year Award, FAMU Research Excellent Award, and Best Professor of the Arts & Sciences. He is a member of the American Society of Plant Biologists. He was a visiting fellow at Michigan State University, Florida State University, Cornell University, and University of Florida. He has received a Fulbright Specialist Award to Japan as an expert consultant in Plant Biology.

Throughout his scientific career, Dr. Hacisalihoglu has had the opportunity to mentor and direct a diverse group of undergrad and grad students. Dr. Hacisalihoglu looks forward to developing new collaborations.

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