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Florida State Open Publishing supports scholarly monographs, textbooks, edited collections, journal articles, conference proceedings, and interactive publications.

Our mission is to provide the FSU community with professional publishing services that ensure unfettered digital access, promote broad dissemination and impact, encourage innovation and experimentation, and amplify the voices of scholars working on niche or underserved topics. We are especially interested in working with authors and editors who share these values and are excited by the prospect of making the scholarly publishing ecosystem more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

Those interested in publishing with FSOP should complete the form below.

Ways We Contribute

   A digital publishing platform suited to the project

   Editorial project management 

   Copyright permission templates and clearance

   Graphic design for book and journal covers


   Assignment of digital persistent identifiers (ISBNs, ISSNs, DOIs)

   Metadata creation and dissemination to enhance discoverability

   Digital preservation services

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